About Us

Clint Wilfred & Sons (CWS) brings a repertoire of refreshing beverages to this region. CWS is a young company that is being led by Mr. Clint Wilfred, who is passionate in bringing delicious natural goodness to the consumers. It is always a challenge to offer new and diverse ‘good taste’ in a market like UAE because, what the consumers aspire as well as what they value varies widely. Hence, our team travels around the world to bring products that offers happiness and wellness into consumer’s everyday life.

All this requires good understanding of the market demands, that expertise comes from the fact that we have been doing the restricted beverages business in this region for around 40 years. Using that strength as leverage, we aim to supply the market with multiple types of beverages in a variety of packaging sizes and formats, this includes both carbonated soft drinks, still and sparkling premium water, energy drinks, juice based products, ready to drink teas, sports drink and other new age beverages.